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By clarionadmin, Mar 5 2018 09:57AM

This annual event is normally graced by Clarion. Some of us were a little apprehensive given recent controversies. No need to have worried. The usual suspects were all there, plus a few more on a cold March day. Clattering of teacups, bargain books and a friendly atmosphere greeted us yet again. Some listened as the cups fell silent for our set. Then cheese, bread and books once again. Nice to see a three piece band, Shantigh playing Dylan amongst other tunes. Clarion is always proud to support the vital work that Oxfam does around our world

By clarionadmin, Mar 5 2018 09:55AM

A cold February evening is the setting for Nottingham Light Night, a festival showing off bright lights, music, dance - and is there to make the most of Nottingham, the buildings, public spaces and the people. A pink lurid stage seen from the bus on Sneinton Market. Lots of sausages on offer on Market Square. Then to St. Peters, all lit up, quite a marvel. But where should Clarion warm up? Up an alley way where lovers may meet of course. Got an audience there too. Then back to St. Peters, Carlton Male Voice Choir in full swing. And in Welsh, very impressive. Then us, change of style, some change in audience as well. Well received from those who braved the weather. Followed by a Ukulele band. Time for the pub!

By clarionadmin, Feb 4 2018 06:45PM

We joined and sang at the NHS Day of Protest event in Nottingham on Saturday February 23rd 2018. It was miserably wet and cold, and not many turned out - but we did our best to entertain and raise spirits with songs from our supporting the NHS repertoire.

There is a short video here

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