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Three Acres and a Cow

By clarionadmin, Jun 10 2018 01:38PM

'3 acres and a cow' - a group of young people retelling the history of land rights and protest in folk song, story and poetry had invited us to collaborate on their gig at the New Mechanics in Nottingham.

('3 acres and a cow' was the slogan of the British land reformers and campaigners of the 1880s against rural poverty.)

It was a full house in the ballroom at the Mechanics and a very warm and receptive audience. The performers Roo Bramley and Tim Ralphs delivered their storytelling with panache, a banjo and some props. We heard about tenant farmers and people faced with evictions from their land and fighting for their rights, starting from the Norman Conquest via the Peasants’ Revolt, the Enclosures, the English Civil War, the Irish Land League and the Industrial Revolution to present-day poll tax riots and the housing crisis of today.

The audience joined in heartily with the many songs, and the choir introduced the second half with three of our own songs relating to the theme of losing one’s home and land in present day struggles as that of the Palestinians, the refugee catastrophe and people standing up to our common land being abused by fracking.

As it is one of our 30th anniversary aims to join up with young activists and campaigners, we were happy to team up with '3 acres and a cow' on this occasion and look forward to do it again in the future!

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