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By clarionadmin, Dec 3 2018 08:48PM

Oh come all ye people

Rise up in defiance

Oh come ye, oh come ye to make your stand

Never to bow downn

Strong when we're united

Put Universal cre-dit (x3)

I-in the bin

Just one of the altenative Christmas carols with which we serenaded shoppers at Bulwell Market on Saturday 1st December, as a part of Unite the Union's community campaigning against the imposition and roll out of Universal Credit.

The songbook has been written as a part of a national campaign by Unite to stop universal credit, and will hopefully be sung by others in market squares and on street corners all around the country in the run up to Christmas.

On a miserably cold and wet Saturday lunchtime we managed to bring at least a few smiles and comments of support from the bedraggled passers by.

By clarionadmin, Dec 3 2018 08:32PM

Five Leaves Radical Book Fair Saturday November 16th

We were pleased to support this event, which took place at the Mechanics Institute in Nottingham. Our first set was downstairs amongst the book stalls. We’d been concerned that folk might not listen as they were busy looking around, chatting and (hopefully) buying books.

We started to sing ‘Not in my Name’ and were delighted when everyone stopped talking to listen to us. It was great to have such a captive audience! Finishing with our rendition of Finlandia was, as always, very emotional and the audience were really appreciative.

Before the 2nd set we sang ‘The Red Flag’ in the entrance hall and as we marched upstairs. The acoustics here were fantastic and our singing powerful.

Upstairs Lotte Reimer from the Campaign Choirs Network presented the newly published book about political and campaigning choirs ‘ Singing for Our Lives: Stories from the Street Choirs’ It was good to hear more about the book and we enjoyed singing in support of it.

Lotte recorded clips of a couple of our songs - Singing for Our Lives and Imagine - and posted them on Youtube.

By clarionadmin, Dec 3 2018 08:19PM

This autumn we have been in good voice singing for peace.

In September we were in Chesterfield at a moving ceremony as the local Council and CND laid a wreath of white poppies for peace as a part of the First World War Armistice Day Centenary. We sang before and after the speeches and laying of the wreath, and ended with John Lennon's Imagine - in the hope that we can learn from the horrors of the past and create a future without war.

In October we sang at an event in Nottingham to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

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