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By clarionadmin, Apr 4 2018 07:57PM

On a wet and stormy evening we performed at The Session - a music and beer festival in the upstairs room at Bunkers Hill in Hockley.

We were greeted with excellent food and great beer. Other performers included the excellent Julie and Alisa Russel and the inspirational and spellbinding Rubaiyat.

Despite having no warm up (there was nowhere inside, and with the rain lashing down outside any attempt to force us to gather there would have led to a mutiny), we were in surprisingly good voice and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

By clarionadmin, Apr 4 2018 07:43PM

On a cold night in March we assembled at the Lenton Methodist Church for an evening to publicise and organise support for refugees. Caroline Kerr, a local woman who set up the charity Bras not Bombs shared the story of the many ways that she and her charity have organised practical support for refugees. We heard about the campaign to support detainees and shut down the Morton Hall Detention Centre - and a call to join their regular protests at Morton Hall. And a speaker from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade talked about the local campaign against the arms manufacturer Heckler and Koch and their factory on the Lenton Lane industrial estate, and the links between the arms trade and the wars that force people to flee to seek safety elsewhere.

And, of course, we sang!

By clarionadmin, Mar 5 2018 09:57AM

This annual event is normally graced by Clarion. Some of us were a little apprehensive given recent controversies. No need to have worried. The usual suspects were all there, plus a few more on a cold March day. Clattering of teacups, bargain books and a friendly atmosphere greeted us yet again. Some listened as the cups fell silent for our set. Then cheese, bread and books once again. Nice to see a three piece band, Shantigh playing Dylan amongst other tunes. Clarion is always proud to support the vital work that Oxfam does around our world

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